Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mustering Cats.

Hello Blog Chics.

We've been busy round here with a lot of small people and some large people.

The large people have come very intermittently to build the shed.

Intermittently because the weather has been so bad.

Spring has really been wet, wet, wet, and very windy so far.

But that is far from unexpected, and thoroughly unremarkable, unless you are trying to build something with scaffolding!

The small people have been and gone now.

We had one sunny afternoon the whole two weeks they have been here.

The youngest two did manage to spend a lot of time doing outside things though.

All the games involve cattle, stock whips, yards, gates and fences.

Mustering cats on tricycles is a new string to their bows.

The shed provided quite a lot of entertainment as well.
Especially the machinery involved.

We did the customary trip up Mt Taranaki and the walk to Dawson Falls.
It wasn't actually raining, but it was very muddy on the track,
so a thoroughly good time was ha by all the small people in gumboots.

I showed off my photos of mountain fauna and boys climbing the bushline track to the Wozzle.
He said he would like to have the ones of the shed under construction please!!!!
Should have known!
His little brother interpreted one of the Woozles's drawings for me.
It went something like this...
"these are the cattle yards and these spots are the cattle waiting to be mustered into the yards."
And here was me thinking it was a butterfly!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life's a Box of Chocolates.

... "You never know what you're gonna get" - Forrest Gump.

This post is especially for my Auntie Doreen,

who has been waiting to see what pops up in my garden this spring.

These gorgeous blue irises are my favourite so far.

They are just the most amazing shade of purpley blue.

This week my nephews are visiting from Queensland.

We've had all the bikes and skateboards out,

lots of rugby tackles and chasey on the lawn, and making scones with Granny.

The cats have been conspicuous by their absence during the day.

Everything is coming into leaf and bloom.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rainy Day Truce.

Sunday spent by the fire while it rains outside.

I'm stitching in the ditch in red embroidery cotton on this cot quilt.

I want it to look vintage and handmade, and cuddly, which is why I'm hand quilting it.

The Tail Cat and Marigold have called a truce for the day because they both felt inclined just to sit by the fire.

So if you pretend the other one isn't there it all works perfectly!

And when you nick off out to the kitchen to see what's available, someone else gets your posie!

Two in a basket is even cosier.

Graham's idea of phone a friend perhaps?

Oh Marigold you have such a dirty face! I am affronted!

I found some Brambly Hedge china on Trade Me, which was very exciting, because I've always wanted some.
This one is "Winter."

And this one is "The Meeting."

Spent the evening climbing over engines, ladders and various gear box parts with Hubby measuring up the Granny HQ kitchen.

Brain storming solutions for hiding the electric fence controls, and the water filtering system,

while still keeping enough bench space and keeping the look that we want.

We have come up with a cunning plan, which I won't bore you with, but I think it will work very well.

Watch this space.

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