Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The More it Snows (Tiddley Pom...)

I have to eat my words from a few weeks ago when I said the snow was a once in a lifetime event. It's happened again!

I know this will all be a bit ho-hum for you Northern hemisphere gals, but it is truly a cause for delight and celebration when it happens here in the 'Naki.

Except if you are a cow I would imagine.

My snow lady had her elevensies outside, while I was occupied following what looked suspiciously like the tracks of a Woozle.

I thought one might have ventured up from the hundred acre wood looking for a warm fire to sit by.

I never found it, and the tracks did look like they went round in circles, so perhaps it just went back into the woods.

The Granny and I put on some ski gloves and gummies and went out to play.

It'll probably never happen again.

I feel so lucky to have experienced the magic of it just once in my life time.

There are signs of spring happening here though Blog Chics.

I can't wait to see what pops up in the garden.

I think we have some jonquils already, hidden under the snow.

Have a lovely week!


  1. Oh Jacqui
    lucky you - snow in the naki.
    Great to see you made the most of it and had a fun play!

    Loved your snow lady - such a pretty sunhat, scarf and camellia.
    Is she still there today?

    No such luck in Auckland, though I felt a wee flurry on Monday afternoon - came and went very quickly!

  2. Your snow lady is just lovely - and the snow so pretty - have you seen my blog post from Monday? An Auckland Winter Wonderland?

  3. Lovin the snow lady

    i've noticed she's a tea (not coffee) drinker? Don't think she'd cut it Melbourne...plus, our lack of snow prob wouldn't help her cause...

  4. aaawwww you enjoy it ;-) there is nothing like the snow when it first settles it makes it look and seem like a winter wonderland and its beautiful and magical. Love your snow lady and your house and front garden are beautiful. dee x

  5. I hope your snow lady got hot tea in that gorgeous cup!
    Keep warm and happy....would you believe we had snow here in the North....yes snow flurries....no snow ladies...:-(

  6. Its so strange sitting here in the middle of a British summer looking at snow!! I love snow! xx

  7. Funny about that woozle, thought it might have come in to get warm like you say...& so it goes tiddly pom..well definitely on snowing in your case! I keep looking at your pics & thinking phew I'm glad it didn't look like that when Anna was born on the 10th of August all those years ago in Hawera hospital...brrrr Why have I never seen a pretty snow person with a straw hat ever before..it all makes perfect sense really, sure beats all those ugly blocks with orange noses!

  8. How exciting! Snow is fantastic- I always say if it's going to be cold it might as well snow. At least you can have some fun with it.

  9. That's the pretties snowman, I mean, snow woman I've ever seen. It's pretty chilly here in the Hawke's Bay too, but the snow is sticking to the hills. Watch out for those woozles! xxx

  10. I think I had too many northern England winters driving in snow but have to admit you make it look enticing!


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