Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marigold and the Dust Bunnies.

Some days there are a series of events that put words in my head that just won't go away.

They go round together and mix themselves up and get stuck as an idea.

Such a thing happens mostly when I'm on auto pilot.

It happened the other day when I was doing the upstairs vacuuming.

I get dust bunnies.

They get under the bed especially, and behind the bathroom door, and sometimes in my summer sandals in the wardrobe.

They are grey and fluffy and hop around the wooden floor with the prevailing breeze.

It occurred to me that they really should be a character in a children's book.

There are some words that just seem to go so well with other words.

Like Marigold.

Who is not a dust bunny, but the Granny's cat.

But they go together so well.

No idea about the rest of the story, but I've got the title sorted.

The above are my vintage inspired wrist warmers. I just invented them, but I probably got the idea when i was cleaning the toilet.

The Granny and I had a New Plymouth day today.

Starting with the Hospice Shop.

I found a huge stash of vintage Christmas treasures to bring home.

Can't believe no-one else had got there before me!

Next on the list was Faded Fancy at Fitzroy.
My favourite vintage shop.

I still don't know the lady's name.

But she was as lovely as ever, and recognised me straight away.

She asked me if we were having a New Plymouth day.

So it has become a New Plymouth day!

There were so much gorgeous vintageness!

Mrs Faded Fancy happened to mention that it was getting harder and harder to source things in Taranaki now.

Apparently she relies on people bringing stuff in for her to buy from them.

So now I know what to do next time I need to have an edit.

Mrs faded Fancy was delighted with the idea, because she said I would have just the sort of stuff she likes!!!!

Which leads me back to Marigold and the Dust Bunnies.

Because the cover design would look something like these...

Which we bought from Faded Fancy today.

And this so cool vintage bath mat!!! I love it.

Back to vaccinating babies tomorrow Blog Chics!


  1. Oh I must email you and ask you a vaccination question .. .. ..
    LOVE the gloves !! !! !!

  2. Dust bunnies! Is that what they call them? What a great idea for a childrens book......

  3. Ooh that shop looks amazing! Scarlett x

  4. Such an interesting lovely blog, I'm off to make a cuppa then return for a good read of all your crafty doings.........I will carefully step over all the dust bunnies!


  5. Love the Dust-Bunny kids book idea

    Instead of illustrating the characters for a book, make them 'crafty characters' (ie. crochet, knitted characters)...

  6. OK you think you have dust Bunnies! Think again you should see mine they multiply when I'm quilting customers quilts, they just appear all over the floor. One day there are none, then you put your head down to quilt and there they are!!


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