Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chics in Aprons.

This is what happens at a typical party here in The 'Naki.

I don't know weather it's a universal thing, or not, but this is what the girls do here at a party!

We all hang out in the kitchen get busy, and have a fabulous time.

Everyone loves my aprons, and they had to take turns for the photos.

These are my friends Patrice, Heather and Leigh on clean up duty.

You wouldn't think it would be fun would you, but it absolutely is!

And this is what blokes do at the same time as the Sheilas are fighting over the aprons.
You wouldn't think it would be fun would you? Would you?
They look pretty happy about it.

Maybe it is a universal thing at parties.
Does it happen at Northern Hemisphere Parties too?

Can't have a party without cupcakes (and aprons).

Grannies like aprons too.

Lemon meringue pie - a shared triumph!

Cath Kidston apron.



  1. I'm not sure we enjoy it quite as much as you seem to, but I think we kinda do the same sort of thing. I will have to make some more pretty aprons and then perhaps we will feel more like we are partying and not working. Great pictures. Hope the party was a great success.
    Jenny x

  2. Aprons and cupcakes mmm........... does it get any better than this? x

  3. ;-)) Great aprons and that table of goodies looks wonderful. We tend to gather in the kitchen to something about that room that bonds women together. Have a lovely week, dee x

  4. Oh me oh my what a gorgeous table of goodies !! !! !! Love love loving the aprons

  5. Your aprons are so cute no wonder everyone was fighting over them. The table looks just delicous.

  6. Look at the size of your pantry !!! I have pantry envy.


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