Friday, April 22, 2011

Walter and Willis Go Hunting For Eggs.

This morning the Easter Bunny came to Mawhitiwhiti Rd.

I captured her in full motion, like those old photos of faeries at the bottom of the garden.

Leigh and Willis are here for the weekend.

Big housewarming party at our place this evening!

Leigh is my Jo Seager Cook School friend, so I'm getting her to do all the difficult bits.

Willis is really called Ron, but to us he's been Willis for years. As in , "what you talking 'bout Willis ?"

So Leigh and Willis took full part in the performance of the Easter Egg Hunt.

And this is where the Walter part comes in. That's Willis' name for Hubby, to even things up. makes it easier to tell stories about Walter and Willis' adventures. Alliteration really helps in theses matters.

Callum got a Transformer egg from the Easter Bunny.

And here's the customary random photo of my cat - looking very "House and Garden" amongst the autumn leaves.

Then what else would you do but the cross word with your Granny!


  1. I just knew knew this would be the prettiest post .. .. .. and you never fail to disappoint! What an amazing garden for an Easter Egg hunt ::))

    Tsunami Phoebe and I sprinkled Magpie Chics fairy seeds on Thursday whilst chanting "fairies fairies please come and stay fairies fairies come so Phoebe can play"

  2. Goodness I see (2) beside the Easter label...we've been doing this a little while now : ) Never thought of hoping for a transformer Easter to what?? mmm a rabbit I guess. Looks like you're settling in nicely. Happy house- warming! What luck to have help for the tricky bits. Much love Catherine..& to Granny ♥ oh & are the fairy seeds for sale?

  3. aaww what lovely photo's how much fun did you all have ;-) You have a beautiful garden to. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  4. Happy Easter to you, I hope your house warming party was a big easter eggs for me, but I did get somethings that are better........

  5. Hello again Magpie Chic..I have handed on the Kreativ blogger award to you so please do take it if you would like to. Pop in to my latest post sometime & all will be explained. X


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