Quilts are my favourite!

Actually I have lots of favourites, but quilts are right up there. These are just a few of the ones I have photos of. I made many, many more before I ever owned a digital camera.
This one took me three years to complete. It's huge and detailed and all needle turn applique. I avoid needleturn aplique whenever possible now, as I have an abiding memory of the 35 ladybugs that are the border of this quilt! This just a small section of it.

These gorgeous grannies I made in honour of Auntie Lex (who I've blogged about before). She died not long after I finished it, and it's a lovely reminder of her.

I designed this one myself . You guessed it - cup cakes and Nana china!!!
I also designed this one myself  and donated it to the local hospice auction. The lady that bought it commissioned me to make another one similar, so I did, and I just could keep on going, they are such fun.

And here it is!

Occaisionally I branch out into dollies, but I find them a bit fiddly. This one I made for my God Daughter.

This one is a future family heirloom. This is only a section of it. It took about two years to finish I think, and it's the first one I've had machine quilted. But it's a beauty so it was worth it. I also had the one with the 35 needlepoint ladybug border proffessionally quilted. If you're going to spend three years on the thing, you are justified in finishing it beautifully to last forever I think!
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