Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Quality of Light and Other Acts of Nature.

The quality of light has changed. Shifted gear.

Autumn light through the the Jesus table is lower, colder but never less inviting.

The La Nina seems to have passed and we have misty cold mornings and lovely sunny days that finish early.

The last of the roses in a vase.

The La Nina has caused this to be a month or so where real life takes over form everything. Including writing a blog!

We had the most horrific storm in living memory (for me) at the beginning of March.

Luckily there was only a bit of extra firewood here, but Patea and Waverly just down the road were laid waste to. There are still roofs off everywhere, broken glass in the streets.

We lost power for three days at the Doctor's surgery and had to dispose of all our vaccine stocks.

We still have no front windows there. Sucked out by the force of 150km/hr winds.

Meanwhile work has begun on the Granny Studio.

Malcolm the builder has been the recipient of the best date scones, and is in the enviable position of being the most sort after man in the Granny's life.

A message from Malcolm (to say he'll be back next week with some french doors) is like a visitation from the Virgin Mary or indeed a message directly from above.

Soon it will look something like this, with lovely earthy wooden kitchenette and white painted plaster, floors and ceiling.

Meanwhile we have not been idle.

The Granny has almost completed the most beautiful crocheted blanket for the new studio.

I have moved the furniture about a bit more for the new season.

Covered the pink chair with an old tapestry I'd been keeping for ages for just such a purpose.

And the Granny has knitted a dog!

As you do when you've run out of goats!

They don't eat much, and they're ever such good company.

The little grey cats have nothing to say in the matter.


  1. Goodness im so sorry to hear of the storms. Real life does get in the way sometime i haven't been in blogland all week im just playing a little catch up now but there is no way i will do it all. I love the grannys blanket with the flowers that is one of the nicest and prettiest blankets i have seen in ages its so girly its gorgeous and the little knitted dog is adorable. dee x

  2. OMG'ness that blanket the granny has crocheted is simply the sweetest!
    I'm in love with it totally and utterly

  3. It's been "interesting" weather all over the world. I'm glad you just ended up with some extra firewood and nothing worse.

    Love that blanket too! Crochet rocks!


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