Saturday, August 13, 2011

Arsenic and Old Lace.

Hello Blog Chics. Today we are waiting for another "big snow".

It's supposed to be coming up from the South and will be here by tomorrow.

I've been working on my Magnolia Pearl inspired doilie and old lace blouse for the last two weekends.

Which is why you haven't seen me.

The main hold up was getting the covered buttons and the button holes done.

My old bernina is a bit random for buttonholes, and requires the mastering of about 26 steps to complete each one.

I covered the buttons with scraps of machine embroidered doiley, as hand embroidered was too thick.

Hubby asked if it was meant not to meat up at the bottom.

Honestly! I just raised my eyebrows and explained that it was like shabby chic painted furniture, and he just raised his right back.

But he got it.

Meanwhile he's converted The Granny into a motor racing devotee. She's been watching the Trolley Derby in the Auckland Domain and killing herself laughing!

She reckons it's the best thing she's seen since Judge Judy!!!!

This is the little book I bought in Canberra with all the vintage inspired tops and dresses in it.

Couldn't wait to try it out.

And they work!

And the instructions are very simple, and it looks like the sizing is spot on too.

I just add all my own stuff in a random manner till it looks right to me.

I chose this pattern for my "Magnolia pearl" blouse.

I'm very pleased with it. The granny has been an especially creative photographer in between the go carts on the tele!


  1. Oh make me want to jump up & go & do something make something!!! I love it!! Didn't The Granny do well between cackles. Such a funny old feeling seeing that familiar blog header roll into sight & feel, well..kind of like coming home! Much love lovely one (s) x0x0x

  2. Very pretty and clever of might need to wear a thermal under that in the next few days!

  3. A work of art no less, this is how I love to look when im painting, this look always reminds me of a creative personality, white, shabby, vintage - you wear it very well as it doesn't suit everyone. xx

  4. Oh my that is just so beautiful. You are so clever and talented. I'm sure you will get lots of comments when you're out and about with it.

    Simply gorgeous :)

  5. Wow, it's gorgeous! Romantic and lacy and stylish all in one. Looks like you're ready for a summer garden tea instead of a snowstorm!

  6. aawww you have a done a beautiful job its so very pretty, dee x

  7. oohh so very pretty jacqui, it is so you bet you can't wait for the weather to warm up so you can show it off up the street, just beautiful...kathy c.

  8. pretty pretty pretty pretty just pretty
    I can't believe I missed this blog post
    You know there must be a market for this .. .. .. coz I want one!


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