Monday, January 31, 2011

Once Were Tableclothes.

I've started putting together my tea party dress. Well the bodice anyhow.
"She who is proficient at separating eggs" asked me if I only ever sewed with table clothes and curtains these days.
Yes, and doilies and lace and ribbon...
Well just at the moment anyhow.
I'm experimenting with a couple of patterns, hoping that an amalgamation of the two will achieve the desired effect.
It looks pretty, but i don't know if it will fit yet.
Here is the bodice.

And the two patterns I'm using. Bit of a jigsaw puzzle I've got going.

I just love the fabric and the rose embroidered into this tea throw that I bought for about 3 dollars at one of the local op shops. I've lined it with some pink polycotton.

Be back again in a few days with a progress update.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I can make that!

One of the best things about getting out and about and looking at things is the new booster of creative inspiration that I get every time. It's not so much from buying something, although that's nice if you can do it, but often the budget doesn't allow. It's the buzz that I get from connecting with something beautiful, and the ideas that it sparks in my own head. It's a kind of scaffolding for building new stuff from old ideas.

I found these beautiful tea party dresses at Port O Call. They so inspired me. I was lucky enough to be able to buy one, but I would have bought all three of them if I could have.

This is the one I bought in the end, because it fitted the best. But it was an agony of decision making, and I changed my mind twice!

And I went home completely inspired to make my own version of the tea party dress in as many permutations as makes me happy.

I have had such fun in the last week or so rabbiting around in the op shops, and looking at stuff with new eyes. I'm looking for things I can use as embellishments for tea gowns.

I'm piecing together vintage nightie patterns and making something that is just right for the job, and I'm just about to start experimenting with what I've got to hand.

I 'll be back with something in my next post. Still not exactly sure what, but it will just evolve.

Might just evolve into the recycle bag in my cupboard too. But that's just part of the deal. It's not ALL about the process, but the process is important. It's all a bit of an experiment at the moment. Just have to see what happens.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My first Port O Call.

I may have mentioned in passing blog chics, that when I grow up I'm going to run away to somewhere sunny and open a tea shop.
To reassure myself in a very "Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause" kind of way, I make a pilgrimage to Napier at least once a year to Port O Call.
Of course you know that was behind our choosing Napier as the destination for our road trip, don't you. You've already figured that out haven't you?

I could barely contain the excitement, even before I'd got through the doors.
Waiting the 10 minutes for it to open up was an agony, comparable only to queing for tickets to an All Blacks versus Springboks rugby test in the 1970s I should think.

I found such beautiful things - more of that for it's own blog post.

We got down to the serious business of dressing up and choosing our tea cups.

So many lovely, lovely cups to choose from. It's such a buzz to choose from such an array.
I cannot explain to you how it brings joy to my heart to see them all lined up with their prettiness and dainty femininity on display, and I may choose ANY one to be THE one.
Cos you'll probably think I'm bonkas for anthropomorphising tea cups.. But there you go.
It just is.

George was occupied for hours choosing her outfit, and was very taken with the gloves.

And I got to wear the purple negligee that I had missed out on during my last visit with my friend Leigh.
And my favourite pink candyfloss hat.

So very pleased to meet you Madame.
I feel as If I'm being presented to the Queen!

I know that one day I will open my tea shop in that sunny place; because, after all...
there is more than one way to eat a lamington!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Girls go on a Road Trip - without Thelma or Louise!

Hello everyone. As you can see, this week we've been on the French Riviera with our Jackie o sunglasses and our martinis.

Na ... just on the beach at Napier with our fish and chips and jandals!!!

And getting there was half the fun, once we'd sorted out the travel sickness side of things for the girls in the back of the old camry.

Of course, the highlight for me was a morning at Port o Call at the port in Napier. But that deserves it's own post. It's just sooo special, and I have so many great photos.
Here we are all dressed up ready to take our tea.

Coming back the next day turned into the great toi- toi hunt.
This is a new game we invented for Jo, who needed photos of toi-toi to paint when she's back in Australia.
I found a very nice bumblebee on one of our roadside stops for toi-toi.

The other game we invented was "spot the tree on the Takapau plains".
It is Murphy's law that the smallest road tripper will need to use the ladies in the middle of the flattest and most treeless landscape between Palmy and Napier.
But we eventually found one close to the road, and it had bonus sheep sheltering from the sun, having just been shawn. That was an extra little bit of serendipity for the photographer!

Large toi-toi bush taken with max zoom in a paddock near Wanganui.
Brings joy to your heart doesn't it blog chics. I can tell :P
Port O Call next posting. Meanwhile I have some babies to vaccinate.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tea Party for Granny

A Granny's birthday is an excellent excuse for a tea party don't you think?
Especially in the middle of a La Nina summer when there are three generations of girls around to enjoy it.
My sister and nieces are here escaping the floods in Bunderburg (Queensland).

First you have to ice your cup cakes.

Sophie and Georgia.

And choose the prettiest cups and saucers.

And cut some of Granny's favourite flowers for the table arrangement.

And assemble the sandwiches.

And the granddaughters.

And pour the "special tea".

And open the presents.

And eat all the dainty morsels.

Then sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

The cup cake production team.

Look who came to the party!

The Magpie Cat appeared for scones with jam and cream.
You can just see her ample bottom in the corner of this shot.
Watch out for the next installment in which the girls go on a road trip to Napier, stopping at every antique shop, second hand mart and cafe on the way!
See ya then.

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