Friday, January 14, 2011

Tea Party for Granny

A Granny's birthday is an excellent excuse for a tea party don't you think?
Especially in the middle of a La Nina summer when there are three generations of girls around to enjoy it.
My sister and nieces are here escaping the floods in Bunderburg (Queensland).

First you have to ice your cup cakes.

Sophie and Georgia.

And choose the prettiest cups and saucers.

And cut some of Granny's favourite flowers for the table arrangement.

And assemble the sandwiches.

And the granddaughters.

And pour the "special tea".

And open the presents.

And eat all the dainty morsels.

Then sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

The cup cake production team.

Look who came to the party!

The Magpie Cat appeared for scones with jam and cream.
You can just see her ample bottom in the corner of this shot.
Watch out for the next installment in which the girls go on a road trip to Napier, stopping at every antique shop, second hand mart and cafe on the way!
See ya then.


  1. What yummy and pretty looking cup cakes!! Too nice to eat.That 'special tea' looks a wee bit like coke???
    thanks for sharing the pretty event.

  2. Love your high tea!! It all looks so pretty and yummie and very 'gezellig' cozy!

  3. As the words in your song playing says....Just another perfect day ;-) Love your cake stand. Theres something so lovely about a proper English tea party it all looks so very lovely. Have a lovely weekend. Dee x

  4. ohhhhh I'd love to have a tea party at yours! Granny and I share a love of the same flowers xxx

  5. Just looks the perfect afternoon Tea Time, so lovely to share it with the family.

    Li Bit Brit

  6. It must have been the afternoon for it, we had a tea party too, to celebrate my sweet girls 16th Birthday! Cant wait to see what you got on your road trip!


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