Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Girls go on a Road Trip - without Thelma or Louise!

Hello everyone. As you can see, this week we've been on the French Riviera with our Jackie o sunglasses and our martinis.

Na ... just on the beach at Napier with our fish and chips and jandals!!!

And getting there was half the fun, once we'd sorted out the travel sickness side of things for the girls in the back of the old camry.

Of course, the highlight for me was a morning at Port o Call at the port in Napier. But that deserves it's own post. It's just sooo special, and I have so many great photos.
Here we are all dressed up ready to take our tea.

Coming back the next day turned into the great toi- toi hunt.
This is a new game we invented for Jo, who needed photos of toi-toi to paint when she's back in Australia.
I found a very nice bumblebee on one of our roadside stops for toi-toi.

The other game we invented was "spot the tree on the Takapau plains".
It is Murphy's law that the smallest road tripper will need to use the ladies in the middle of the flattest and most treeless landscape between Palmy and Napier.
But we eventually found one close to the road, and it had bonus sheep sheltering from the sun, having just been shawn. That was an extra little bit of serendipity for the photographer!

Large toi-toi bush taken with max zoom in a paddock near Wanganui.
Brings joy to your heart doesn't it blog chics. I can tell :P
Port O Call next posting. Meanwhile I have some babies to vaccinate.


  1. Pretty pretty photos today. I love your toitoi photo so much. I can imagine it made into a wallhanging. I'm into that sort of thing at the moment. Not actually making one, but thinking of making one!

  2. What a lovely post. Such lovely photo's, i loved the one of you all dressed up so beautiful. And theres nothing like eating fish and chips while sat on the beach ;-)) Have a lovely week, Dee x

  3. I LOVE the photo of you all dressed up!
    It was 'just a perfect day' for you all :) xxx
    Cat xxx


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