Monday, January 31, 2011

Once Were Tableclothes.

I've started putting together my tea party dress. Well the bodice anyhow.
"She who is proficient at separating eggs" asked me if I only ever sewed with table clothes and curtains these days.
Yes, and doilies and lace and ribbon...
Well just at the moment anyhow.
I'm experimenting with a couple of patterns, hoping that an amalgamation of the two will achieve the desired effect.
It looks pretty, but i don't know if it will fit yet.
Here is the bodice.

And the two patterns I'm using. Bit of a jigsaw puzzle I've got going.

I just love the fabric and the rose embroidered into this tea throw that I bought for about 3 dollars at one of the local op shops. I've lined it with some pink polycotton.

Be back again in a few days with a progress update.


  1. It's looking very pretty at the moment :)

  2. You are brave using two patterns. There's nothing wrong with only using table cloths and curtains either, if Julie Andrews can do it, then so can we. Your sweet floral fabric is way nicer than anything she made as well.

  3. You have great ideas and a fantastic ability, always neat fun to pop over and see what you are making or photo's you are showing.

  4. Oooohhhh that is so pretty its going to be stunning, what a beautiful use of fabrics, i can't wait to see it finished, i love the dress pattern on the left. Dee x

  5. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about frauline Maria and the curtains. We watched it again at Christmas with Nana too. I have the sing along version. High on a Hill Stood a Lonely Goatherd is my personal triumph in song!!!!!

  6. sooo clever jacqui such great imagination!!! love it..kathy tatura


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