Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Perfect... for the dress ups box!

Well blog chics, it was kind of successful, kind of not, in a very mutton dressed up as lamb sort of way LOL!

I do admit it looks pretty, but i just can't get over the fact that it's really made out of the bottom of a nightie!!!!!
BUT; it would be perfect for a little girl's dress up box.
So if anyone has said little girl who might like it, please let me know in the comments, and I'll happily send it on. If I get more than one offer to re-home it I'll just draw names out of a hat, in a very official manner.
Too much work to get chucked in the re-cycle part of my sewing cupboard.
And it was a fun experiment. I stayed up till 1 am making it, cos I knew I had to mow lawns and pull weeds today before (A) it rains again and (B) I have to go off and vaccinate a few more babies.

I think what i need to do is find a pattern that is exactly what I want, because the jigsaw thing wasn't entirely successful. The bodice doesn't quite fit properly, and the sheerness of the fabric while pretty, meant that I couldn't hide my seems completely.

Kind of off the scale on the mutton dressed as lamb o meter!!!
Would probably look quite good on a 14 yr old ha ha!!!
But it's very pretty and made me happy.
What more can you ask really out of a $3 table cloth and the bottom of a pink nightie!
Oh and I'm 44 tomorrow. Had to do the maths to work out how old because I just forget now days.
Don't worry about it too much because Doris and Audrey were fab in their 40s I'm absolutely sure!!! That's Day and Hepburn, in case you were wondering blog chics.


  1. Wow!! You did a great job. When I saw the photo's of you in the dress, I did not think you looked like mutton dressed as lamb....I thought, if you put a 1/2 or 3/4 sleeve cardie in cotton,acrylic or a sheer fabric it would look nice.
    Not that I want some wee girl to miss out either. I'm know my girls would have loved it in their dress ups, but at 20 and 17, I think they have grown out of dress up boxes?

  2. My little miss 2.5 years would love love love this !! !! !!
    However, I agree with Leeanne, shorten it a little wear over tights and a sweet little cardi and you'll be the highest of fashionista's!
    It is too sweet!

  3. Well done, it's dreamy! My little one is a bit too little for this but I know there will be a lucky girl somewhere who will jump for joy when she sees this (and her mum might have trouble keeping it in the dress-up box!)

  4. O MY Its truely beautiful and you are not mutton dressed as lamb it looks very beautfil on you what a amazing idea and the sheerness of the fabric its just to pretty and girly for words, its like a fairy princess dress. You sooo could wear this on a hot summers evening for a meal. Can't wait to see what you make next. Happy birthday when it comes, dee x

  5. happy birthday for tomorrow dear chic!! It's a shame we just keep getting older isn't it? Acutally that's dumb, it's good because it means we are still alive which is a very good thing. Enjoy your very special day and do something frivolous.

    Now onto that dress. You look lovely in it! Seriously you look like you are dressed up to go to a wedding. I'd be keeping it if I were you. But if you really don't feel comfy wearing it, well you probably know of four young girls who would adore something that fancy in their dress up box!!

  6. 14, 44 what's the difference?! Looks perfect to me. You probably just don't wear all that much pink like that usually..more Magpie Chic pinks usually do you think?
    Have a truly fabulous day tomorrow!
    Much love Catherine ♥

  7. Thank you for your comments, I didn't realise.

  8. well happy birthday you look wonderful in your very pretty creation who would have thought you can wear a table cloth....kathy tatura


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