Friday, February 18, 2011

One Must Always Balance One's Frills.

On a recent "ladies shopping" expedition with she who is proficient at separating eggs and he who looks better with his hair cut (who came a long because he had nothing better to do and takes a macabre interest in the psychology of "ladies shopping"), we stumbled upon one of those little pieces of advice that have become family lore very quickly.
"He" was heard to remark to his sister that the items she had assembled had a few too many frills. And apparently it is his observation that you must balance your frills.

So today I am the enviable recipient of a special tea party apron. Designed for me by my sister Jo, who received her initiation into the art of the tea party while on holiday here last month. And the advice about frills has obviously taken root.

It is a bespoke apron (love that word!!!), if such a thing can exist. No-one else will have one. Not even the Granny. Because apparently the frills on mine were so potentially injurious to sanity of the maker that she vowed to stick to the pattern when making one for the Granny!

The lists are taken directly from my favourite tea party menu.

I remain devastated that she didn't have any Doris Day music on her ipod the day of Granny's birthday tea party.

I myself being way too un- hooked from technology to own an ipod on which to put my own Doris Day music onto!

The last item on the list is of course a reference to our fine Taranaki weather!

The apron looks so "House And Garden" hanging on the apron hook, and is sure to be the thing that sells my house after the first open home on Sunday!

People will stop and admire it!!!!

As do I, every time I go past. I can't wait to actually wear it! With some Doris day music in the background of course! As you do, when your frills are properly balanced


  1. love the frills!! And the tea cups.....well I have an ipod for quilting, it helps to get in the 'groove' of quilting...don't ask me how to 'burn & 'rip'...but I do know where the on/off button is!!!

  2. Very nicely balanced, indeed. You should shout it from the highest hill, even tell the golden daffodil.

  3. That little scene looks amazing!! You'll probably have the mag people ringing you up for an interview after your open home. Who would have thought to match up jugs with aprons?

  4. aww thats so sweet i love the way you have hung them with the tea cups, you can't beat a new apron ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x


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