Sunday, February 13, 2011

Magpie Jam.

Our old plum tree produces a great crop of damson plums every year. Goodness knows how with that huge hollowness in the middle of its trunk. Not quite sure what's holding it up.

Perhaps the bora holding hands?

It's where the kids had their tree hut (cut down from the cab of an old landrover - as you do in this part of the world).

The tree hut blew down one night in the big storm of 2004.

Lucky no -one was stationed underneath it at the time.

This tree is one of the many things that I'll miss about this house.

But as the saying goes, you can always make sour plums into Magpie Jam!

Which is what we shall do. Or rather, what the Granny will do, because she alone holds the key to the mysteries of making jam set without much sugar.

AND she didn't go to Hogwarts either - or Jo Seagar's cook school for that matter.

You'll be pleased to know that i had plenty of supervision today as I painted the shed window and harvested the plums with my ladder.

First open home next weekend blog chics, so it has to be perfect.

I edited the advertising copy and added a few of my magpie chic photos to their catalogue and culled a few of theirs. They had done an ok job, but it was all in Real Estate speak and i needed to add a little House and Garden speak, and give them photos framed by trees, and photos with the rose in the foreground looking at the deck.

They are very accommodating with all my editing and Magpie Chicing of the portfolio. I think they just probably raise their eyes and smile. But someone will just fall in love with this house if it's presented as i see it in my mind's eye.

It will just be serendipity of course.


  1. You are absolutely right! They don't know your house the way you do. You know just where there is a fab shot. Good for you! Happy painting your lovely shed and happy jamming Granny. I'd love a plum tree so I could make jam for free.

  2. I had a wee damson tasting at the Market on Sunday, lots of different products & some fruit for sale too. My Granny used to make damson gin..yum. Better tell the new owners what they are in case they cut down the tree "'cos those yukky plums are always sour!" Luv Katie x

  3. I think thats a great idea using your own photo's to sell your home because thats what it is a home. Damson jam yummy. Happy painting, dee x


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