Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have fallen in love ... with a house.

The Magpie house is for sale blog chics, for i have fallen in love.
It happened on my birthday. I saw it across a crowded room (na, I saw it in the local paper actually), and i did swoon, because it was the very house that magpie chic dreams are made of.
And the bloke that lives with me could find no holes to pick in the perfectness of it's construction (half the battle), and the only caveat he put on was that he make haste with the construction of a large and in charge garage in the paddock at the bottom of the garden, cos the double garage is not big enough. And i was fully expecting that and do not care about garages in my meadow as long as they are far enough down the hill so as not to obstruct the view!
And the Granny loves it equally which is just as well cos she'll be moving in when we sell all the family jewels including her house. But the not big enough garage will convert to the perfect granny annexe.
We are all in love.
So i am very busy painting the window sills and weeding the garden, so forgive me if i do not blog about doily bags for a while. I've packed up the sewing machine till we move in.
If you would like to have a squizzy at it it's HX1011393 harcourts .co.nz
i bet you fall in love too. But i think there is only one of them.
You know that thing about pinching yourself to believe it's real. Well, i am black and blue (metaphorically you understand!!)


  1. WOW that is better than best that house is like HOLY WICKEDLY COOL ::))
    I Love it and it also proves that Auckland houses are unrealistically expensive!

  2. Very very nice, that house has fantastic garden's, it was in the Home and Garden magazine many years ago.Good luck!

  3. I better close my mouth before I drool all over the keyboard, Lol it is gorgeous and I'm jealous!!!

  4. awwwwwww thats exciting and fabulous ;-)) good luck with it all, dee x

  5. Oh wow that's one very nice house! And it's all yours!!!! That is so exciting and I'm so envious. You are going to have such a lotta fun there. Those gardens are amazing! You will be perfect in them. I can't believe the price of it. Clearly we need to move! Golly I am so excited for you, you'd think it was my new house!

  6. Wonderful Jacqui! Just like that eh! All the best for the move..at least it's not very far : ) XO

  7. I am SOOO lucky, and that is one big advantage about living in Taranaki. Would never be afordable anywhere else!

  8. I dropped by........and fell in love with your blog ;)

  9. Love your new house Jacqui. Had wistfull call from MIL yesterday!


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