Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Ta-Da moment!

A little bird might have mentioned that I've finished my knitting. It's a triumph of perseverance to get past that last sleeve. But I'm delighted with it. We had a long photo shoot, myself and the Magpie Cat, who advised me on many aspects of camera operation, and in the end told me to just put it on the automatic setting and hope for the best.

Very soon these nasturtiums will be mulched by the first frost. So it was nice to be able to preserve them for posterity. This is the back gate to "Piggling Bland's Garden."

So named by "she who is proficient at separating eggs," when she was very little.

In the story by Beatrix Potter, Piggling Bland inhabits a marvelous pottager and skips around in her white petticoat eating conversation peppermints. Mine started off being a pottager, with companion planting and all. But the white cabbage butterflies completely ignored the marigolds put there to ward them off, and just layed their eggs with gay abandon. My brassicas were a scene of complete devastation, and I gave up and the pansies and roses and nasturtiums took over. But we did have conversation peppermints there at one of the birthday parties. We have a recipe for same. Rather sickly I recall.

I have started to list a few of my handmade things on Felt, which is a site quite like Etsy, but based in New Zealand. Etsy looked all a bit difficult, but would love your comments and advice

on your experiences with selling via Etsy. This little cardy is for my little Great Niece Lucy. It's just a Lucy kind of cardigan :P But shhh! don't tell her. I want it to be a surprise.

I also found this dear little viola growing merrily away in the cracks in my paved area behind Piggling Bland's garden. I couldn't resist taking a piccy of it. It's so jolly.

I also found this in the garden. I usually do!!!

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog! So far the plants seem to be growing very well as I've been good and remembered to water them. I'm glad they will be there for a long time as I think they are going to be a fave.

    I love your piggy story! Do you really have a pig? I know what you mean about the jolly white butterfly. My cabbages grew well but I just know what was hidden in the middles of them! Yuck, not what I want on my plate.

    You really must join in my next swap, they are lots of fun and I'm sure you'll make something wonderful. That little cardy is so cute. I have a Lucy too!


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