Saturday, May 22, 2010

Once there was a little yellow bunny...

Once there was a little yellow bunny who was bought from the op shop for 50 cents.

She was a cheerful little bunny, in a very sunny shade of yellow.

She made friends in the garden with the other bunnies - except they didn't say much.
She thought they must just like to play statues a lot.

She kept a look out for other yellow things, of a more ferocious nature...
that might also be in the garden.

On occasions she hid from the ferocious things behind a rose bush - but not very well!

Nasturtium leaves work better. And they make good umbrellas if it rains!

Next she hopped up on the sewing trolley, to try it our for size.

And posed amongst the tea things...

And cuddled up to the Granny rug, which she
noted now had two completed rows.

Then it was time for tea...

And sticky date puddings with caramel sauce.
Which she ate with a runcible spoon ...


  1. Oh how sweet, I loved looking at all of those cheery pics! Those puds look divine! Have a lovely week! suzie xxxx

  2. She's such a cutie!
    Thank you for visiting my blog :-) The fair was good fun, but I'm sure I'd rather be in NZ! :-)
    Becky x


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