Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A box of serendipity and some re-arranging.

I have new treasures.
Some are things I already had, but had put away,
or forgotten about in one of my Miss Haversham corners.
Some are things I got in a box of serendipity from the auction mart the other day.
Some have been excavated from cupboards I've been emptying and tidying.
Every year I seem to be overcome by a need for autumn cleaning,
setting things to rights before the winter starts.
Some of the blog chics describe it as shopping your basement or shopping your attic...
which I like, even though I don't have a basement; or an attic.
I love the idea of an attic. I'd hide up there if I had one, eating apples, and have a stash of House and Garden magazines to read.
This little fellow reminds me of the Cath Kidston Stanley dog.

I re -arranged this corner with some glass bud vases from the box of serendipity,
my lovely Tamsin Cooper broach, and one of my new rose dishes, also from the box.
I found these "swaps" in a drawer that I hadn't cleaned out since 1998. (They used to belong to my sister.) I know this because I also found a book list that I remember putting in there last time I cleaned it out; dated 1998. A bit like opening a time capsule. No Miss Haversham spiders in there thank goodness!

These little fellows followed me home from a second hand shop in Eltham a few weeks ago.
Just the cat and the collie dog. The others I had as a child, but they have just come back to my place after many years living at my Mum's house. They used to come free in the brand of toothpaste we bought in the early seventies. My sister was a very serious collector of them, and still has her collection. I didn't take it quite so seriously, so only these few survived.
I bought the cat and the collie dog because they reminded me so much of Beatrix Potter 's Tom Kitten and her collie dog. Can't remember his name. Was it Shep?

You've meat this little bunny before. She's ever so photogenic.

She came from the local Hospice Shop the same week I got the china animals.

These lovelies came in the box of serendipity,
along with some linen tablecloths (more of them later),
some of an Alfred Meakin dinner service, which is quite ugly,
and some lovely glass bits and pieces including the bud vases.

I was very excited by this tea cover (is that what you all them? They are a fine organza type fabric and you throw them over the scones and jam and cream so the flies don't alight and help themselves.)
It's very kitch and obviously 1950s or 60s. I've never come across one quite like it before.
I love it's kitchiness, and that it is uniquely New Zealand. Probably made for the tourist market I think because it has tourist like scenes of traditional Maori life, chocolate box style.

I love it. I don't think I'll ever find another one.
Thanks for calling in blog chics. Happy hunting in your attics, and don't forget to remove the apple cores, 'cause they aren't very nice when you come across them next time...


  1. Simple changes are so fun! I like easy :)

  2. I've just come across your blog - it's just beautiful and I can see myself spending a bit of time here!

  3. Yes, he does look like a Stanley dog! I love your goodies, very nice indeed! Have a splendid and happy weekend! Suzie xxx

  4. loving your little collections... :)


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