Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.

This book has legend status in our family. It's onto it's second

generation of legend status in fact.

It was my little brother's favourite, my own children's favourite,

and now one of the favourites of my little brother's boys

(along with The Wonkey Donkey, and Where the Wild Things Are and Bob the Builder!).

Alister Cookie, brother to The Woozle and Oliver Pickles, turned two last week.

So I wanted to make him something really special.

When I saw this material you can guess what it reminded me of...

Can you find Goldbug in the picture?

Officer Flossy is my fav.

That's her disappearing of the page

with her stop sign.

Probably after Maniac Bug again.

Boy did they listen when she yelled STOP!

Except for Maniac Bug. He just kept right on going.

I used this Top Kids Mag from the late 1990's early 2000s.

I used them a lot for my kids, and the patterns are still really funky,

and easy to trace, and make up very well.

The instructions for sewing however, are another matter entirely,

and I just give up and go by instinct.

They are SO long-winded

and just end up sounding like Charlie Brown's mother ...wah wah wah.

I made the little formal shirt pattern from this page.

So cool I think! I'm sure Officer Flossy would approve.

Thanks for stopping by Blog Chics.

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  1. I used to love making clothes for my children, and those patterns look great. I love your choice of fabric! Isn't it a lovely feeling when you complete a lovely bit of clothing for them! Oh, it makes me wish I still had little ones! Maybe I should get sewing my own clothes again! A jolly weekend to you Bloggy Chic! Suzie xx


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