Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday!

Today is Tea Cup Tuesday at my place.
No fuss, no links, just me.
Of course, I can't just take one or two photos. I took about twenty two!
So I chose a few at random to show you.

I love this big yellow cup. I got it at the auction mart in a box with a whole lot of other stuff.
I think it might be Crown Lynn, which used to be very everyday stuff, but is now so collectable. It just says Made in New Zealand on the bottom.

Can't remember where the little bear came from.
Probably from the mart in another box full of other stuff!
I find real treasures in those boxes.
Have more of that to share in another blog.

I moved him round the house a lot.
He felt it was quite a natural thing to be doing, seeing life as a series of small vignettes.

The possibilities are endless.
Especially when you are officially a kept woman, as I am this week.
I just have a head so full of neat stuff I'm busting to do, and am so overcome with the choices that I spend all day with a bear and a tea cup.
Maybe I will next Tuesday too.
Maybe, maybe not. You'll have to turn up to see for yourself.
Have a lovely day Blog Chics.


  1. I always say give me a lovely yellow cup and saucer and a small bear, and life is sorted! Could it be any better! Have a lovely week with your cute little bear and cuppa! suzie xx

  2. Hope you enjoy your second retirement. I look forward to seeing what you get up to!

  3. Dear Jaqui, Thanks for the lovely thoughts you shared with me last week on the post where I shared 10 things about me. I appreciate your comments. Yes, I did turn to blogging after the death of my son. It is a way to embrace the beauty in my life and to be creative. I have realy enjoyed the photography part of blogging also. Making pictures is quite fun! Good luck in your latest retirement. Take care. Anne

  4. That cup & saucer is definitely Crown Lynn. Hold onto them tight, as you suggest they don't come cheap these days!


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