Monday, May 3, 2010

White Bunny's combinations.

White Bunny has new undies!

They are referred to in polite circles as "combinations".

Please don't mention to anyone that my bunny's undies
are made out of an old pillow case. Although it is quite cool to say you had undies made from flour bags during the war. Somebody not very far down the road from me who is fairly closely related did actually have flour bag undies during the war, and wears it like a badge of honour. She was only four at the time though. She didn't persist with the habit. Don't know if I'm allowed to blog about your wartime undies Mum?

I found this fantastic book at the library.
It has draftable patterns in all sorts of sizes
and you can make over 120 garments from all eras of history.
I spent a few hours tracing the patterns onto luchwrap paper.

They didn't come out quite big enough
to fit the porcelain doll that I had in mind,
and were too big for the 18 inch doll,
so white bunny was the lucky recipient of the combinations.

I will just draft the pattern up acouple of sizes to make it fit the doll.
That's a job for another day.


  1. His undies look cute... and I wont tell. I need to make some undies for my little rag doll. You've inspired me to get cracking.

  2. Bunny's undies are gorgeous!! so great when books have patterns you don't have to enlarge!!!

  3. Oh, this is the best dressed little bunnie! Her underthings are so sweet! You have done an amazing job!
    hugs from emily

  4. Just found your blog- love it- my mom used to make my dolls clothing and Barbie clothing- No way i could attempt that- Love your blog-and your using pillow cases- for undies- i use old-goodwill clothing-and cut it up and use the fabric for pillows and other things--
    Looking forward to following your style-


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