Tuesday, May 11, 2010

White Bunny gets a new chair.

First it's new underwear, then a new chair!

It really has been an auspicious week for White Bunny.

It's a very long story actually, and may take some time in the telling.

It's the tale of how I mastered the art of the slip cover!

It began with a Fairy Godmother, as all good stories do.

My Mum's friend Val who emailed saying she had a wing chair

of uncertain character in her back bedroom, which I could have.

Seeing that I'm so addicted to chairs, she knew it would be loved.

It had belonged to her Mum.

While I was there, she also produced some lovely hand crocheted doilies,

also belonging to her Mum.

She knows such doilies are treasures in a Magpie Chic world.

I got the chair home, and it looked quite forlorn,

but I had big plans for it,

if only I could make the whole slip cover thing work!

I've tried before you see, without much success.

But have lately been re-inspired by the slipcovers on Posy's flikr feed.

So I cut into my lovely embroidered tablecloth,

hoping the slip cover fairies were watching me and looking out for me,

and started to pin and cut, and fit and pin and cut and fit.

Gradually it began to emerge.

There was a small hold up to the work in progress,

when the Magpie Cat decided it was her new nest.

I made small fabric roses to pin the sides into more of a chair hugging shape.

Ties and another pinned fabric rose made it fit at the back.

White Bunny loved it so much that she thought she just must try it.
Especially as it matched her new combinations so well.
No bears had been by to break it, just the Magpie Cat.

(who isn't quite that fat - but nearly)

Do not get the impression that all this happened

with the wave of a Fairy Godmother's wand...
Oh no! This is time lapse photography blog chics,

and it took the whole day, and I neglected my exercise

as I was consumed by the slip cover!
So I had to mow the lawns AND go walking today to make up for it!

The white Bunny stayed inside on the lookout for bears and such like...


  1. Oh this is so so pretty, you did a wonderful job.
    P.S I'm having a giveaway over on my blog if you would like to join in!

  2. I agree this looks wonderful, I love the story of how it all came together!
    Magpie cat certainly knows where the best places to sit are!

  3. Well ! It was truly worth the days work.. it is just the prettiest thing! I am in awe, as I have never had the courage to try this type of project! suzie xxx


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