Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Inspiration.

I've been making bags.
This is my original Nana doily bag below.

I went to see Barb at "The Bank" in Eltham to see how my little pink dresses were selling.
And she said she'd sold more than half of them. So I was pretty excited about that.
The little Trelise Cooper inspired swing top has apparently been bought by the producer of
"The Predicament" which was filmed in Eltham and Hawera last year.
I just happened to be sporting one of my Nana doily bags at the time, and Barb loved it and asked me to make some for "the Bank". So I am.

She's going to save all the unsellable doilies for me to cut up and incorporate into bags etc.
She gave me this bluebird one while I was there. I've worked it into this bag.

And in this one I used a beautiful cross stitch I made once and didn't know what to do with.

It was great to walk away feeling so inspired about what I do again.
Sometimes you forget about the joy of it all when you're exhausted from vaccinating babies and just want to pick up your knitting and go onto automatic pilot.
A little bit of re-inspiration goes a long way. I left smiling.


  1. Great cool selling half your pink dresses. Funny thing selling things you've made eh! Part of me would always be so amazed when I finally went back in to find that lots of my bags had actually sold back when I had an inspired run. I have been thinking of doilie bags recently & thought gosh that pattern looks familiar, had a rummage & found a Rosalie Quinlan Beauty of a flower bag that the same as yours do you
    reckon? Right.. now I am on to it..just what I needed..Thanks!!

  2. I'm betting your gorgeous bags sell like hotcakes too. They are a fabulous way to use up a few doilies. So exciting that so many of your dresses have sold and you must feel pretty famous with the one the producer bought - way to go!!! I'm thinking you are going to have a pretty good year this year.

  3. ohhhhhh do you take custom orders? I'd love to sport one of your nana doily bags!

  4. And smiling you should be!! Those bags are arm candy and eye candy rolled into one, what a lovely way to sew up all those heirloom bits, Lucey xx

  5. You've been busy, well done! Great way to showcase those pretty bits n pieces.

  6. Good for you!! The Bank is a lovely shop, I fell in love with a purple crop jacket last year when I popped in, but it was a bit small...nice you are doing well with the dresses and the bags will no doubt be a hit.

  7. wow your bags are beautiful i love your use of fabrics they are so girly and delicate looking. You have given me inspiration to get sewing again. Take care Dee x


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