Monday, September 26, 2011

Yes it is finally spring!

And hasn't it been a long time coming!

The winter seems to have gone on and on here, but at last things are starting to bud and flower and pop up!

This popped up like a mushroom in the paddock last week.

I've been very busy supervising and worrying about where the septic tank breather was going to end up and weather the cows would get in while the fence was down.

I've also had very minimal internet access (probably due to weather) so no blogging from me.

The Granny has been very busy making scones for the builders so that they will do an excellent job on the Granny Headquarters in a few months.

But first we must get the big shed built in the paddock so we can move all the racing car stuff down there, freeing up the garage to become Granny Annexe.

So here are the darling buds of September at the Magpie House.(No, not these blokes in high vis gear and boots - the green stuff!)

The Granny is overhauling the pottager and has made good use of the cow poos available.

The other projects going on around here are all baby related, as we prepare for a new nephew in Australia.

Cot quilt by me (vintage, just squares and stitch in the ditch),

Teddy and crochet edged bib by the Granny.

With assistance from the Tail Cat!


  1. ohlalala loving the pottager garden and will be watching what you plant with interest - so I can follow in your footsteps and keep away from the naughty chickens

  2. Looks great! Beautiful flowers. My boys weeded my vege patch for me, little darlings....the weeds where knee high. I have fondly looked out the window and thought, now that's a quilters garden! That is my excuse for not weeding for so long. I did prune the roses some months back :-\
    We had a wee frost here in Northland,how was it down your way?I'm heading down your way next week and hope to pop into 'The Bank' at Eltham.

  3. So glad that spring has finally arrived at your place & quite a bit of earth moving too I see..amazing the power of the scone! We will look forward with interest to the Granny Annexe updates. Missed the post below some how..really sad about old marmalade cat..good on the Granny being kindly overseer like that. Big hug on that one. We have just been thinking that it must be coming up to a year ago that we had to say goodbye to silly fluffy old you remember the time in the garden & all the pink blossom was raining down? Now we have a new fluffy visitor but aaaaahhh! she crosses the road by herself daily to see us. I can hardly bare it. (I don't think that's the right bare???) Lots of love Catherine x0x0x

  4. Yes, you don't want to mess up where they put the septic breather, that's for sure. They did with the house we are renting and occasionally it is rather whiffy! Enjoy Spring!


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