Monday, September 5, 2011

A Bit About Cats.

This week it was time to say goodbye to an old friend.

It became time to call the vet out for my old ginger marmalade cat.

The Magpie Cat went peacefully to heaven on the nice vet's knee, cuddled up in her blankey.

I didn't want to put any pictures of her here, but I did have these lovely ones of the Tail Cat helping me trim the lavender hedge a few days ago.

I had to choose a day when I was at work to have the vet come out.
The Granny was good enough to supervise it all and to tell me all the details later,
because of course, I wanted to know, even though I didn't want to be there.

All I could think of that afternoon was that she wouldn't be there on her spot on the couch , asleep in her blankey when I got home.
And I felt wretched.

But the vet said it was well time.

Her kidneys had failed and her blood pressure had gone up so much that her retinas had detatched and she was completely blind.

She would have just wandered off into the paddock and died if we hadn't watched her so carefully.

As it was she had a lovely life, and a comfortable and stress free old age, and there isn't a lot more you'd wish for them.

But I still find myself rationalising it here because I wish it wasn't so.

R.I.P the Magpie Cat.


  1. Oh Jacqui, I'm so sorry you've lost this dear friend. It's so hard to say goodbye even though you know it would be cruel not to. Magpie Cat was blessed to have you for a mum. x x

  2. Oh I so sorry to hear about your lovely magpie cat, how sad :o( I have two of my own and know how upsetting it must have been. Big Hug Scarlett x

  3. Oh Jacqui i was so sorry to read your post and hear your very sad news. It breaks your heart when it's their time to go. You did the right thing so never doubt that. And she had a wonderful contented life and gave you so much joy and pleasure and happy memories and thats what you will always remember. Big hugs, dee xx

  4. Hugs to you, it is so hard even when we know it is the nice thing to do for a good friend.We love our furry friends!

  5. I feel all teary poor ole kitty is looking a bit that way too and i can't bear to think of what it will be like at home without her next to me ...

    thinking of you

  6. As cat lovers its something we all have to face one day but how sad when we do. Beautiful pics of the Tail cat and big comforting hugs for the Marmalade cat in the sky.


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