Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning.

A bit of sunshine causes a metamorphosis around here.

I feel like an old lizard having sat round on his rock long enough to warm up a bit and get on with things.

Like some new Granny squares and a spot of spring cleaning.

Airing the bedding and actually getting the duvet cover dry outside on the washing line in the meadow, instead of in the dryer, which is a pretty joyless occupation.

Dusting and moving things around a bit.

And fixing the latest curtain crisis, because they did not survive washing!

Vintage tablecloths to the rescue again.

Necessitated a quick reccy of all the local op shops before they closed on Saturday morning.

They are supposed to be temporary, but they look so good I suspect they'll remain.

Meanwhile this lizard is off to make marmalade cookies for next week's lunches.


  1. Yes I think those curtains will be staying, too beautiful to take down for new ones. Your spring cleaning is coming along nicely. Makes me think that maybe I should be doing some myself. My veggie garden sure could use some TLC. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.

  2. The curtains should stay they are lovely, and I love the blue cup xxx

  3. The curtains must stay - stay you here stay!

  4. So satisfying to tidy up and see the lovely fresh results, isn't it? Makes it feel more springlike.

    Meanwhile in our hemisphere, the onset of school is making me clean from one end of the house to the other since I'll soon have to more free time!

  5. aww its always a good feeling when you spring clean ;-) I love your little tea cup trio that is so pretty. Have a lovely week,and happy baking, dee x

  6. Hi just saying hello. Cat directed me here, saying I would love your blog and I do! It is very pretty and I love your cosy home. xx

  7. I also have to say, keep the curtains there, they are amazing! xxx

  8. Don't you just love spring cleaning and the promise of good weather to come. Early morning is the best.

  9. Lovely vistas out that window..framed by the accidentally lovely curtains : ) What a sweet word..meadow. Wasn't very meadowy not long ago under all that snow. By the way did the snow harm things much..the garden not being used to being sat upon quite like that previously? Love Catherine x0x0


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