Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank you Miss Haidee.

Hello Blog chics. It's my last day of holidays today.
My last chance for a while to throw a bit of fabric on the floor and make it into cute things.
I have so enjoyed the last few days of doing nothing but that. Actually today I mowed the lawns as well!

I mentioned the current issue of Australian Country Style which has inspired me to make little dresses again.

There's a fabulous article about a lady in Tasmania living the dream and doing just that. She has her own website.

You can find her at
She makes heirloom pieces really. She describes them as "keepers".
I really liked that. They are expensive, but they reflect the workmanship and the time that goes into producing each garment.

So I had a few doilies and vintage tablecloths and vintage sheets that all went together perfectly.
So I made them into a gorgeous little size two dress, inspired by Miss Haidee in Tasmania.
I used a couple of patterns that I had used often for "she who is proficient at separating eggs" when she was little.

Vintage table cloths are just so lovely to sew with. The cotton is so crisp and the colours are so vibrant.

Since I had just mowed the lawn, I was able to take my little dress outside for a photoshoot.

It was quite ta-dah moment, because it's so long since I've made stuff.

Sweet Mary is making a lovely vintage 5 inch square quilt at the moment, and hand quilting it with embroidery cotton. It looks so squishy and inviting.

I think I shall make one with the scraps from all my vintage makes.

Have a good week Blog Chics.

I'm hoping for a bit more sunshine myself.

It's good for what ails you. (Some Grandma Ida wisdom for the week.)


  1. That's what I love about handmade, the quality and workmanship is amazing (for those that make the effort). Time is one of the rarest things we have these days, so when someone pours it into a project it certainly makes it priceless. Great work!

  2. You have a wonderful talent! I wish I could sew like this xxxx

  3. this is so pretty just so so so pretty - I really should make some pretty dresses for Tsunami

  4. So pretty, I remember making dresses for my girls.I will pop over to the blogs you mentioned.

  5. Pretty dress Jacqui and thanks for the link to my blog - Sweet Mary

  6. How delightful! I have popped in to Miss Haidee but I like your little pink dresses much better!!! Hers are not that probably a little on the pricey side too. Must feel good to have created some more bits & pieces. Will this wee treasure go to "the Bank" or do you have someone in mind? Hope you're ok back at work. Much love Catherine xox

  7. I adore your little pink dresses Jacqui - all little girls would love to wear them!!
    I hope these are keepers!!


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