Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ok, time to just get on with things.

This week has been gloriously sunny here, and it has meant I could just walk and cry at the same time, for as long as it took to start to feel in control again. I had a nice job to return to, and lovely supportive comments on my blog, and I drove our big van up to Hamilton to pile two weeks of dialysis fluid into and bring my boy home and look after him. That felt like doing something positive, and it's enough for now anyhow. Normal transmission has resumed LOL.

I'm cooking nice dinners for him, which he's enjoying, and he meets his sister in town for lunch, and talks to the cats, and it's just lovely to have him here.

Time enough to worry about what next when we get the final verdict on weather they can still use my kidney. We are not expecting it to be good news though.

I pulled this completed quilt block out of "the cupboard" and took photos of it and thought about maybe getting it quilted with a long arm quilter, or weather to hand quilt it.

And found my little pink shoes featured in this mag (got a blog post planned to tell you all about that).

And got out my vintage sheet inspired quilt pieces and admired them. Haven't actually done anything but admire them yet, but I'm going to in the weekend. I am very pleased with how they have turned out.

You know; when I read in other people's blogs that all the lovely support and encouragement and hugs and prayers that other bloggers send you in a crisis really help , I secretly wonder if it's true or if they're just being polite and gracious. Well, now I can report that it is 100 % true. It really does help. Mostly I suppose because you know everyone has been there in some form or other, maybe even started their blogs as a way of dealing with the grief, as I did.

So thank you all so much.


  1. HUGE hugs to you and your family Jacqui xxx

    I'm LOVING the yo yo quilt blocks!

    Glad to see you back on line xxx


  2. oh well done you! That was a quick couple of weeks absence. Sounds like really positively helpful things to be doing. How long does the dialysis take to do each day? What I'd also like to know is how can you possibly produce so many wonderful things & yet have a sewing room that looks like a delightful picture from a magazine..sad to say I am worried that all my fabric & "stuff" might fall on a visiting Kaitiaki & suffocate him any day now! Much love Katie xx

  3. That sounds like a horrid time for you all. Fingers crossed that you are a match or one comes along really soon. Enjoy having your boy home with you. If you can feel useful then it always makes you feel a bit better I think. Love to you xxx

  4. I have to start by saying i adore your quilt squares they will look delightful when completed they must have taken you ages. I started off some patchwork a few ago having never done it before and started with hexagons not realising they were the hardest ;-) Well they are taking my mind of things ;-) Thoughts are with you today, Hugs dee x

  5. Glad to see you back on line. I love your yo yo blocks. Wish you all a lot of strength! x x


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