Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mary Rose it is!

The very first rose to bloom in my garden this year was Mary Rose, which is a surprise...
And here she is.

I'm enjoying filling my vases with spring flowers at the moment. And re-arranging the furniture for spring. My old couch has gone off to be re-covered, so what else is a girl to do?

When the couch comes back I'll show you all the end result of my make-over efforts. May well have re-arranged things at least three times by then.
Then there's finding places for at least two Christmas trees....


  1. I love the statue of the bunny. Where did you get him from?

  2. I too love that bunny! You garden is doing extremely well. Love white hydrangas so much but mine don't even have buds yet! They are just babies though. I love your roses very much. I have a similar pretty one out, my only one and it smells heavenly. I have a jug of them to enjoy.


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