Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Foxed by a sandy whiskered gentleman.

The Gentleman raised his eyes above his newspaper and looked curiously at Jemima -

"Madame, have you lost you way?" he said.

Here at the Magpie house, Beatrix Potter's characters are real people. We have Piggling Bland's garden down the back, in what was supposed to be my pottager. But the broccoli got eaten by the white butterfly and the marigolds didn't keep anything at all at bay in the pest department, so I gave up on the pottager idea and just had flowers. I once had half a dozen little girls down in Piggling Bland's garden eating homemade conversation peppermints.

Now those little girls are all grown up. The one that shall be referred to as, "she who is proficient at separating eggs" has also become proficient at cross stitch.
I am having her latest creation framed for her Christmas present. Jemima is one of our favourites, even though she is such a simpleton!

I washed them in cheap shampoo to remove any marks.

Laid them on a towel to dry.

Pressed them on the wrong side onto a towel so that the stitching didn't become flattened.

And took them to the framer.

Presently I will reveal her in all her poke bonnetted loveliness.
But not till after Christmas, just in case "she" is reading my blog!

See ya blog chics! have a lovely weekend.

.... and be ware of sandy whiskered gentlemen.


  1. So sweet. Can't wait to see them framed!

  2. Oh dear I've had a computer running like treacle that has refused to post comments for here I am reattempting to say HELLO. Love Mary rose she has been prolific & delicious in one of my gardens here. Isn't it lovely to have enough flowers to pick oodles again! Thanks for the tips on the cross stitch prep...I would most likely have squashed the stitches. Mrs Tiggywinkle (& her clothes pins) & Jemima are my all time favs. Much love Catherine.. fingers crossed...anyone would think I was trying to send a message via the Tardis!! XX

  3. What a lovely job she has done with Jemima and friends. They will look so lovely up on the wall where they belong. I do love a bit of cross stitch!

  4. How very, very nice! Did your daughter make her own patterns or did they come from a book?

  5. I prefer to think of Jemima as just a bit too trusting. Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail (and their brother) are favorites at the cottage.

    These are gorgeous. I'm very glad I did lots of cross-stitch before I needed reading glasses.

  6. We loved reading these stories to our children when they were little and have kept every little book for our "sometime in the future" grandchildren.


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