Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A small obsession with chairs.

I have my old couch back. Completely transformed. It is a thing of beauty.

Just as well Hubby is immune to flowers and pink and general shabby chicness. Because there is rather a lot of it about!

He takes the extreme pragmatists view that it is just something to sit on. It doesn't matter what it looks like. I consider myself fortunate to have such licence to be floral!

It can work the other way though, as it is also his view that all gardens should be made up of large areas of concrete for parking cars! I just keep planting the fox gloves and mowing the lawns, and the lack of concrete is only mentioned in passing when a "wind up" of "the sheila" is required.

So I have spent time moving the chairs about and then back again, resettling things into a state of zen-like calm and tranquility.

And the Tail Cat has slept on each of the three cushions in turn, testing which is the best one no doubt. No reports on weather the porridge was too hot or too cold!!!!!

For me the whole arrangement is right in the middle of the Goldilocks Zone.

But I don't think there is room for one single more chair anywhere in the house.

No matter how I re-arrange them.

I shouldn't think that will prevent me from acquiring any more.

I don't think there is any known cure for addiction to chairs.

It began many years ago when my God Mother Jill had her old suite re-covered in blue gingham.

I was captivated, and realised that there was a whole world of chairs out there just waiting to be discovered. And they didn't have to be brown and velour. Truly a moment of enlightenment, similar to discovering that tea cups and coffee cups did not have to be brown and made in Temuka.

Life is full of such serendipitous discoveries really, thanks to Fairy God Mothers and interiors magazines. And the blog chics out there who remain such a source of inspiration.


  1. You have the most gorgeous looking home, thank you for sharing.You 'new' sofa looks lovely.

  2. Love the recovered sofa and did I spot a Cath Kidston covered chair 2 photos up from the bottom ??? Very, very nice. Thank you also for the mention and link to me in the Cross Hills blog. I was mean't to be there but in the end, couldn't come.

  3. That is the prettiest chair ever!
    I just brought Lil Miss P a wooden rocking chair which I plan on recovering! IN FLOWERS

  4. Bit rough about the Magpie Cat old thing : (
    Love your "new" couch you must be delighted with the result...good call on the fabric then! Floral all the way I say! Much love Catherine x

  5. Lovely! You should serve High Tea in such perfect surrounds.

  6. I love your home!! Every new season I move all the furniture... to move it back a few days later!

  7. You have a beautiful home its so pretty, calm and relaxing. I love all the chairs but i also adore your little wooden footstall that is covered with floral fabric. And your sofa looks gorg and girly in the floral. Enjoy Dee ;-) x


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