Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Magpie Chic request session.

Sarah from Red Gingham requested a closer look at my Christmas Quilt. So I braved the spring equinox and took it outside for a photo session.

I have a somewhat grotty iron fence with some rather magnificent fox gloves growing against it, all self seeded.

Which made a perfect back drop, when not horizontal

Then I tried the picket gate in Piggling Bland's garden.

It's out of this book by Anni Downes. You can get it from Annie's Country Quilts by mail order.

I've made a few things from it besides the quilt.

This little wall hanging, and the Santa's sack that I made for my nephew Alistair, brother of the more famous Woozle.

I often think that there must have been some very small foxes around; for someone to have imagined one putting it's hand into a petal when in need of a glove. But a very pleasing image all the same. Would it have been a formal occasion, or just a chilly morning, that necessitated the wearing of such a glove?
I love this time of year, when my garden becomes the Beatrix Pottter landscape of my imagination. It lasts such a short time.


  1. Your quilt is glorious!

    I think my red iron bed needs a Christmas quilt--maybe if I am very good and get my Christmas presents ready early, I could find some time to piece a red and green quilt. More probably I'll be doing it after the holidays, lol!

  2. Jacqui that quilt is just awesome!! It looks like a very fun quilt to make as well. I can imagine how long just finding the right pieces of fabric would have taken. You have made such a wonderful Christmas heirloom. It's such a happy looking quilt. Thanks so much for showing it properly. I LOVE it!!

  3. That is amazing! I must have taken forever, but so worth it! Well done.

  4. just a lovely quilt and the setting is stunning.Taranaki gardens are quite lovely.

  5. Ohh that is so very lovely. How long did it take you? The detail in it is amazing what a beauty well done. Dee x


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