Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Flock of Sparrows.

I always notice the sparrows.

Have I got the collective noun correct Blog Chics? Can you have a flock of sparrows?

Are sparrows even large enough to be referred to as a flock?

I have no problem with the implied reference to cool eighties pop groups either.

You can take that or leave it.

In fact, as I have found Frankie magazine, an eighties nurdy try hard reference is appropriately cool.

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I'm back in the hospital cafe scene Blog Chics. Communing with sparrows.

The Waikato sparrows have chutzpah!

They are aggressive, ask for what they want and are not afraid to just take it right off your table!

They are Gen Y sparrows these lot.

If sparrows were people they'd definitely read Frankie.

(this image from Lilac and Snow at

I discovered Frankie at the airport a few months ago. What a piece of serendipity that was!

It really "speaks to me". Now hows that for a really cynical use of pretentious self reference?

I'd be laughed out of town by the people at Frankie with that one!

It is such a cool magazine.

But not for the feint hearted if you are offended by a bit of bad language.

Don't give it to your Nana to read probably.

All the articles are interesting, some are quite thought provoking, most are incredibly funny.

But if you find the whole,"f*** yeah Granny square" thing
confronting, then probably don't go there.

But most of all I love the adds.

The whole vintage retro clever art kid design vibe makes me feel like a kid in a lolly shop.

(this image from

I have made clothes like this for myself, but somehow I've never quite plucked up the courage to wear them down the main street of Hawera.

When I read Frankie I just want to put them on and make more!

(this image from
Which leads me back to the reason why I'm back here communing with sparrows.

My boy had a brain bleed about 6 days ago.

His blood pressure must have gone through the roof (one of the complications of end stage renal failure and life on dialysis) and popped a fufu valve in the occipital region of his brain.

But we have yet again been so lucky. After a few stressful days immediately afterwards in the HDU in which he had some seizures and various CT scans and lots of medical intervention,

today we are back to observing that it is difficult to have a conversation about the zeitgeist of 2011 with your hairdresser, cos mostly they only discuss whats on the telly or where they went on their hols. And we're going home.

Back to Taranaki for rehab with the good physios and OTs at Hawera Hospital.

He has made a very rapid recovery. Not fluent yet on the guitar or the nintendo DS, but he can do it. He says it's like being dyslexic though, it's not coming out how he wants it to yet.

But he's lost that "possum in the headlights" look.

Still gets very tired.

Home for some TLC.

As for the whole hairdresser dilemma. Do you think that hairdressers have those conversations because they think that's what their customers want? Or do you think that they are so weary from the whole repetitiveness of it all that they just want to be on auto pilot?

It's an interesting question.

I bet some of them are just dying to launch into their theory for the Road Map to Piece in the Middle East.

I hope that this is the year they break free from convention and just do it!

Hopefully no hairdressers were offended in the reading of this blog post.

These are just the observations of a bored Mum trying to "internalise a complex situation in her head", engage my son in same, and reading too much Frankie magazine.

Perhaps I should just stick to I'm Elmo And I know It on YouTube!

Ciao Blog Chics.


  1. Holy cow, i hope your son is going to be up and running real soon, he's most likely needed and missedin guitar land!
    As for the dresses you have made I bet they are stunning, but as an ex Hawera gal myself I get why you haven't worn your creations in the main street!
    And as for the hairdresser questions, I have a great hairdresser, he is as gay as gay can be and not ashamed of it. I think of my 6 weekly trip to the salon as some new age therapy, not sure what it would be called 'laughaopathy' or something? But he & I have great laughs and talk about all sorts. Having said that it is a first for me to have this experience and maybe it is because he is gay, but not the uppity kind. I am old enough to be his mum, but we get on great....fingers crossed he won't go to aussie or some far away land!

  2. Oh Jacqui, fingers crossed and prayers uttered for your son, I hope he's right as rain and annoying the neighbours with guitar playing as soon as possible.
    Enjoy Frankie, I've never seen it but will no doubt look into it once we get back home. Sounds right up my alley!

  3. Oh Jacqui, i was so sad to read your post. My thoughts are with you i wish a fast and speedy recovery for your dear boy. You talk away all you like about anything you like ;-))hugs, dee xx

  4. Well that gave you all a heck of a fright!! I am so glad that you're coming out the end of the tunnel then. I thought sparrows?...sparrows? that sounds familiar...are yes I remembered them from last time..& the convoluted conversations..
    yeah, I was just contemplating the dress thing today & then thought..ok but where will you wear it & besides it has only just gotten to be summer..building up to bravery eh. That reminds me I have some pics of a POC skirt somewhere that I will send you soon.
    Keep up the Frankie time. Love Catherine x0x0x

  5. Scary plus. Like all mommas, you're practical about it, but I'm betting you have some rough hours at night. Sending a giant hug your way and knowing that lots of Nintendo will have him working this way back the fun way!


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