Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sugar and Spice.

What are little girls made of?

Like everybody else, they are made of the sum of their life experiences.

On the 1st of January 2012, "She who is proficient at separating eggs" will turn twenty one.

I remember the day of her birth like it was yesterday.

Today I feel an funny sense of displacement because I am unable to reconcile the little girl

with the person who I now rely on as a friend and confidante,

organiser of events, and compassionate advocate and companion to those she cares about.

In many ways she was born into the shadow of her older brother, and has remained there ever since by choice.

Right from the very beginnings of a child's "knowing", she has been his most understanding advocate and supporter.

Compassionate, fearless and unrelenting in her role as protector and facilitator of many things.

I also know her as drama Queen and apprentice racing car driver, now well and truly graduated

to her own (shared with Dad) 1973 Toyota corolla - purple of course.

And agreeable participant in all my eccentricities (tea parties).

She is also the Easter Bunny and Mother Christmas on every possible occasion.

And doer of crosswords with her Granny!

Woe betide you Granny if you get caught cheating on those word puzzles!

We are so lucky to be three generation of Magpie Chics able to play such an integral part in each other's lives.

Happy 21st Birthday my Beatie.

Today you get to be the favourite!!!!


  1. It is my daughter's 21st this week too!

  2. Happy 21st xxx How sweet to have a blog post dedicated in your honour xxx

  3. Happy 21st! They grow up way too fast x x

  4. aahh what a beautiful post and tribute to your daughter. She sounds like a wonderful lady. Happy birthday to your dear Beatie, and a happy new to you all to, dee xx


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