Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The house is filled with the smell of flowering pinks, and the roses have begun to bloom.
The snowman in my linen cupboard came out for an airing the other day, for a dummy run I expect.

My new book arrived from my friends at, and I'm ready to be inspired.

"She who is proficient at separating eggs" was inspired by the little Christmas boxes in the book. She bought supplies and has been coming home from work at lunch time to make Christmas boxes on my kitchen table all week. She doesn't have a kitchen table at her place, so we've seen quite a lot of her this week.

And ... we went shopping the other day and Farmers had their Christmas Shop up and running.
So I bought my first Christmas decoration for this year. She's irresistible don't you think?

Time to really get out in the garden too. The fox gloves have opened their little flowers and the Granny bonnets are in full bloom. The snowball trees are fluffy with new blooms too. I must capture it on camera while the weather is fine. It is my favourite time of year in the garden.
Come Melbourne Cup Day, I really get that Christmas feeling. Not long now blog chics:P


  1. I just posted a really long comment and now they've gone and lost it! Bummer. Anyway it was a great ramble about that lovely quilt that you didn't even mention and just popped in the background! I want to see all of it please. And I didn't know the Christmas shops were all go yet, must go and check them out. I buy lots of new decs every year as I just can't resist them.

  2. I love that quilt too. Will do a whole post on it just for you Sarah. Watch this space...

  3. Gorgeous quilt I love all thing's Christmassy !
    The book looks lovely, might have to get that now I have seen inside - what a lovely Ice skate stocking.
    Justine :)

  4. I have to say i adore your rose handles i spyed them on your draws there stunning. Aww bless Mr snowman i was just scared by someone elses post who said it was only 8 weeks away ;-) I love your fairy every year i buy one and i hang them in my bedroom and bathroom and they stay all year round you can find some beautys. Enjoy your garden the flowers sound gorg. Dee x


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