Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm just waiting on the roses.

Just about everything has bloomed that's going to bloom in my garden for spring.

I'm just waiting on the roses now.
They usually appear right on cue in the first week of November.

Graham Thomas is usually the first, and Compassion. Cecile Brunner isn't far off either. The banksia rose climbing the veranda post is already out.

The snowball bush came from a sucker off another one I have in the front garden.

Fancy a spell on the veranda with a good book? I can recommend The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

Foxgloves, granny bonnets and a banksia rose.


  1. The leaves haven't all fallen off our trees yet and I'm ALREADDY eager for spring! Meanwhile I plan to enjoy your lovely garden through spring and summer while snow lies all around--thank heavens for the southern hemisphere :)

  2. Your garden looks beautiful and i bet when everything is out in bloom a gorg colour and scented one to. I love foxgloves there one of my favourites they always take me back to my childhood and i imagin little fairys sleeping inside them as if the petals were a block of flats silly i know ;-) Enjoy your day. Dee x

  3. Your garden is simply delightful Jacquie and this post has saved me the email on my 'to do list' to send you today :)
    I need to know what plants/flowers are in your garden so I can create a magickal place for Little Miss Tsunmai!


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