Thursday, October 14, 2010

When life hands you a little yellow duck.

When life hands you a little yellow duck, it makes you happy!
I found mine in the Hospice Shop for $2.
It will go so well with my little yellow bunny at Easter. I will arrange them with little foil eggs and other Easter accessories yet to be imagined.
In other news, my virgillia tree is a mass of blossoms. And they don't smell like cat's wee, so I can bring them inside.

And display them with yellow ducks and rhubarb cake.

And move my quilts around a bit, to welcome in the springtime.


  1. ahh he is so very cute. I have to say i adore the flower tea cosy. Spring goodness i love that time of year, seems so strange as were in Autumn here.I love the pink and blue quilt very pretty.Take care Dee x

  2. Your duck is sweet! I love the tea cosy. Your post is lovely, it all looks so wonderful. And yes, a new season makes me change the house too. Have a nice weekend

  3. I love your tea cosy - it's so cheerful.

  4. Lovely photos, love the virgillia tree!


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