Saturday, October 2, 2010

When life hands you lemons...

When the renal physician rings you at lunch time on Sunday, you know it is not good news.
Unfortunately the final crossmatch has come back positive, so the transplant cannot go ahead on the 13th. There is a small possibility that it is a false positive or that it is a harmless positive, but they need to go through each and every antigen to work out which one is the problem. That will take a few weeks. It defies logic that this should have happened when it was not present in February when we did the last x match, so I am still holding out a little bit of hope that it may still be ok. But it is a remote hope. If it is definitely a positive cross match for an antigen that matters, then they cannot now use my kidney. So I may take a small break from the bloggisphere for a while, depending on weather I have the constitution for making lemonade with my lemons over the next few weeks. It is a big hill to climb, as there is no plan B.
I started this blog after the transplant was cancelled in February, and it saved me from absolute despair, as I found a whole new world of kindred spirits and loveliness. But sometimes things like this happen and I just have nothing to say for a while. But I will be back when the worst has passed.


  1. Oh Jacqui I am so sorry to hear this ;'( holding out for a plan B for you all xxx
    Keep in touch xxx

  2. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this news.
    Sending you all a big hug.

  3. All things are possible, Only Believe!
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. love and best wishes and lots of strength ;0)
    big bright fairy wishes xxxxxxx wish i could give you a hug- i sent one interactively! hehe

  5. You just go ahead and wallow with your disappointment in those lemons for awhile. Meanwhile I can see your son has chocolate and cola to see him through! And it's spring outside your window. I know that Plan B will pop up soon. Love and hugs times a million! ~ pogonip

  6. Oh dear - fingers crossed and lots of hope winging its way to you.

  7. Iv just found your lovely blog. And i was so sad to read of your pain, at times like this as hard as it is positive thinking has to be the way. Screaming and shouting when you feel like it to helps. May you be surrounded by love and guilding thoughts. Take care Dee


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