Monday, October 18, 2010

Pretty in Pink.

Finished this quilt top ages ago, and have been trying to decide weather to have it machine quilted or to hand quilt it. Decided on getting it mchine quilted, because there is just so much detail in it. I love it's vintage colours and 1930s fabrics. I got to use a lot of my favourite tiny scraps for the applique and the umpteen 2 inch squares in it.

I think I was proabably attracted to it because of the tea set in the middle block.

But there are so many pretty bits. I loved making it.


  1. O My GOD Wow that is truely amazing wow, how long did that take you? That is just so beautiful and so much detail and different textures, patterns and design added to it, i never realised you could do all that to one quilt. I love it, well done you its fabulous. Dee x

  2. WOW this is truly beautiful! I love it! A real vintage quilt xxx

  3. What a feast for the eyes that is! I could gladly surround myself in it, and cosy up with a book and cup of tea! It is absolutely stunning! Susie xxx

  4. This is so beautiful on so many levels!!
    Although I have always loved quilts, ( I have three on my bed right now!)

    I really truly never thought about making one!! ....
    Until I saw this !! You have inspired me!

    I have a stash of old fabric... I have a new machine... I have an art studio... WHAT THE HECK was I waiting for??? ....YOU!!

    Thanks for following your dreams and passing along your inspirations!!



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