Friday, October 8, 2010

Magazine Love.

I was browsing the magazines at my local bookshop last weekend, when I found this.

My little pink shoes appearing in Australian Homespun "The Pink Issue". You can follow the link to see how I made them.

They found them here at Magpie Chic and asked me to email some text and photos.

I'd used one of their patterns, with my own vintage interpretation.

Pretty exciting to see it published.

Also in the pink issue, this cute pattern for a garden angel that I might use for a certain project that I have been cooking up with Catherine from An Angel in the Garden. You'll know what I'm talking about Katie. But my lips are sealed Blog Chics!

My other lovely magazine experience this week has been receiving my magazine swap from the UK. My partner was Liz from Rose and Bird.

I sent her the October Issue of NZ House and Garden.

I hope you enjoy it Liz. I hope it has arrived! NZ post is not known for it's speedy service between here and the UK. Mine arrived within a few days of Liz posting it.

I had a quick look through it during the week then saved it till today to read from cover to cover.

Just lovely. Thanks so much Liz.


  1. You're famous!!! How neat. I do love those little slippers very much. Well done for having them published.

  2. Wow isn't that just so lovely you should have that page framed i bet you were so excited to see it ;-) I love the idea of the bunny angel will lookforward to seeing that made. Have a lovely day. Dee x


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