Monday, March 21, 2011

Buttered Paws Not Required:an evidence based conclusion.

We have finally moved in! Six blokes, several trailers, trucks with lifty things on the back and vans, utes and a honda accord was all it took.
My hubby was brought up in the"sitting on the concrete will give you piles" tradition, and he is firmly of the belief that you must butter the cat's paws when you move them.
I have to concede there is some logic to this, in that it might induce them to groom.
However, the chics make the cat rules in this household, so no paws have ever actually been buttered, and now I can present my evidence based conclusion that it is just not necessary!
I rest my case.
The tail cat moved in and made herself right at home.

The kitchen is still huge because my new table hasn't arrived yet.

The Magpie Cat decided that she needed to be carried up the stairs.
She achieved this by yowling very loudly at the bottom till we came and carried her up.
I guess if you haven't had stairs before, you might expect that your people would carry you up,
or install a small chair lift or something.
What actually happened is that everyone got busy and ignored her and she had climbed the stairs by herself by the second day.

View of the garden from the upstairs window.

Forgot to fix the exposure on this one.

Not a scerrick of butter on the Tail Cat's paws.


  1. I was told the buttered cats paws too when i moved in - lol - i didnt butter their paws which im sure they were gutted about as they love butter. Your house looks incredible, i cant believe the size of the kitchen!!! V jealous :o) Scarlett x

  2. Your house is totally gorgeous xxx

  3. Your house looks gorgeous - like a renovated French farmhouse! Love the garden, you are going to spend many a pleasant afternoon on that patio! Glad the cat survived!

  4. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful house. xx

  5. What a fantastic house! Sooo jealous of that kitchen. The gardens look beautiful. Sue x

  6. The new house is gorgeous, I'm sure you will be very happy there : ) xxx

  7. Welcome home!!! Nothing quite like the unpacking process..ugggg. That house has great bones, and the lovely! That kitchen is going to just draw people in, so large and comfortable.

    You would be correct in describing our sweet small town. Very home grown and apple pie. We moved back to the same small town with our kids, just feels so good to see them play in the same dirt, go to the same schools...and now with the kiddos of those girls you see in the picture, many have also returned to do the same thing. Just so blessed we are.

  8. Many happy wishes for the future in your new and gorgeous home - look forward to many more pics to make me envious.


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