Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grandma's Tablecloth.

Murhpy's Law implies that if there are really good quality curtains in the house you move into, then you are probably going to hate them with a passion.
Such has turned out to be the case here.
So in order to fit within my re-decoration budget which is nil, I decided to use my embroidered tablecloth collection to make curtains. I wonder what Grandma would think.
The one on the left includes a tablecloth she embroidered.
I am pretty pleased with the way the way they turned out. I think they suit the house.
Just need a few more to do the other window. Good old Trade Me should do the trick.

That's Grandma's tablecloth with the red poppies. It is particularly lovely.
I didn't know my Grandma very well. I only met her three times.
She died when I was in my early twenties, so I actually have quite few bits and pieces that belonged to her.
All my Grandmothers were accomplished handcrafters, but my Grandma Auss was the most accomplished. Especially at embroidery.
I think she would have approved of the "make do and mend" aspect of my new curtains.

Meanwhile I have been enjoying hanging my washing on the line in the meadow.
Climbing through the fence (having first established that it was not electrified) is part of the fun.


  1. I'm sure your grandma would approve, they are so soft and feminine.
    Is the driveway still lined with Ice-burg roses and Lavender?
    You look like you are really enjoying putting your touch on your new home.
    I long for that day myself, but I remind myself of my blessings, as there are plenty of folks without a place to call home, rented or otherwise.

  2. I'm loving the photo of your washing blowing in the breeze with the lavender ::))

  3. Great idea for curtains! They look fabulous. Scarlett x

  4. It's great to see the wind playing with your sheets

  5. im sure your grandma would love the idea that your using them regardless of what purpose. Lovely views you have to hang your washing out. enjoy your week, dee x

  6. What a fabulous idea! My mum is always telling me to use Grandma's tablecloths for something else - curtains are perfect as you probably don't need to cut them up.


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