Sunday, January 23, 2011

My first Port O Call.

I may have mentioned in passing blog chics, that when I grow up I'm going to run away to somewhere sunny and open a tea shop.
To reassure myself in a very "Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause" kind of way, I make a pilgrimage to Napier at least once a year to Port O Call.
Of course you know that was behind our choosing Napier as the destination for our road trip, don't you. You've already figured that out haven't you?

I could barely contain the excitement, even before I'd got through the doors.
Waiting the 10 minutes for it to open up was an agony, comparable only to queing for tickets to an All Blacks versus Springboks rugby test in the 1970s I should think.

I found such beautiful things - more of that for it's own blog post.

We got down to the serious business of dressing up and choosing our tea cups.

So many lovely, lovely cups to choose from. It's such a buzz to choose from such an array.
I cannot explain to you how it brings joy to my heart to see them all lined up with their prettiness and dainty femininity on display, and I may choose ANY one to be THE one.
Cos you'll probably think I'm bonkas for anthropomorphising tea cups.. But there you go.
It just is.

George was occupied for hours choosing her outfit, and was very taken with the gloves.

And I got to wear the purple negligee that I had missed out on during my last visit with my friend Leigh.
And my favourite pink candyfloss hat.

So very pleased to meet you Madame.
I feel as If I'm being presented to the Queen!

I know that one day I will open my tea shop in that sunny place; because, after all...
there is more than one way to eat a lamington!


  1. Awwwww so beautiful xxx I love the photos of your nieces - :) and the purple negligee !
    Can you please please open that tea shop in suburban Auckland - so I can visit OFTEN :)

  2. ooohhhh let me just get this right. This is a tea shop that you chose which tea and cup and plate you use and you can chose an outfit to wear to?? Wow what a beautiful place i have never heard of anything like this before im in love with its concept amazing. No wonder you were excited ;-)) Lovely, Dee x

  3. Lovely photos & what a lovely tea room too!
    Isn't it strange how place names travel? My mother lives in Napier in South Africa!


  4. I know this teashop - looks like you had a ball!


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