Friday, August 6, 2010

Where you can bank on finding a treasure.

Just twenty minutes down the road from where I live, there's a little gem of a place called
It's in the town of Eltham, which is now becoming quite famous for retro and vintage shopping.
When I lived in Eltham as a child, The Bank really was the Bank. Can't remember which brand.
I think it may have been The Bank of New Zealand.

Now days The Bank is an absolute Aladin's cave of eclectic retro and vintage chic treasures.
They are all beautifully presented and Barb has such an eye for colour and design. I could happily take home everything in the shop. I just love this coat embellished with fabric roses.

In fact I have taken things home from The bank on quite a few occasions. Don't tell Hubby.
He thinks I've had all this stuff forever in the garage or under the bed. That's the thing about vintage, you can buy something and take it home and it looks like you had it since Nana gave it to you in 1974. Well that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I bought this beautiful Carlotta Edwards print (the big one) from The Bank to complete my 1950s ballet chic makeover earlier this year.
I also have a lovely chipped and shabby french looking writing desk in my bedroom with faded painted roses in my fav duck egg blue/green colour.

Barb has my little vintage fabric pink things for sale in there too, and they fit right in.

I took loads of photos today. But the gremlins came a- calling and my battery went flat, so some of the best ones are reading error. Never mind, gives me an excuse to go back and take more.
I had a lovely one of Barb and Mark having a cup of tea!!!

It was a freezing cold day in Eltham today, with the wind coming off the Southern Alps.
You could feel the snow. Hence the famous green coat. I can never remain anonymous in my green coat. A few months ago I got snapped by a TV crew eating a cheese scone with the owner of another cool retro shop in Eltham, and it was on one of the magazine news shows straight after the six o'clock news. I was visible scoffing my scone for about 5 seconds, but had about five people tell me they knew it was me entirely due to the green coat. The moral of the story is, if you want to remain anonymous while scoffing naughty treats, don't go round looking like an over sized leprechaun!

These are some gorgeous hand made prim dolls.

Barb has the most delightful assortment of vintage attire. Beats me how everyone was so skinny in those days. No Mc Donalds and we all walked to the shops I suppose. We did have cheese scones though!
Enjoy your week Blog Chics.


  1. Oh it looks like a wonderful shop.
    I love your green coat.

  2. Ha ha, A leprechaun! I love the coat. I do that one too, George says to me "have I seen that before?" Me... " this? I've had it for ages!" Ha ha. Susie xxx

  3. does no one else wear colour then in Taranaki or are their not many people ; ) I do so love the ballet chic room..those pictures are just so timeless aren't they. Perfect posie for the pink fabric "things"..I can't believe they haven't all sold instantly. Thanks for the link on The Bank how cool. Glad you found your "voice" again : ) Catherine XX

  4. Love the "little vintage fabric pink things".

  5. Hello again. Thank you so much for your kindness on my blog over my little dog Archie. Your words meant the world to me and I have to tell you that they also helped too. Thank you! Susie xxx


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