Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nesting Season.

When the weather is yuk, the Magpie Cat and I get the nesting instinct.

I make a nest on the couch with a quilt, but first I had to finish the quilt.

Remember the raggy ballerina quilt I've been making for ages? I blogged about it here.
Well I decided to finish it today, as I couldn't do the garden. Too wet. Too much mud.
Nesting seemed a much better idea. So I made some stuff for the tins for this week. Jo Seagar of course. Her sultana loaf and her raspberry and chocolate brownie. But I didn't have any raspberries so i just left them out. It is still very yummy. I tried a corner to make sure!!!

Then I leave them for Hubby to eat and carry on with my polystyrene crackers and apples LOL.

So I tipped out all my doilie scraps and got down to work.

And the Magpie Cat made a nest in the doilies, as they do.

Then I made my nest, complete with Country Living, the devine July issue, and a lovely cup for my coffee. The cup and saucer belonged to my Grandma Ida.

Then I folded it up and put it on the pile of bedding in the ballerina bedroom.

And The Magpie Cat made another nest in the knitting.


  1. Oooh it is all so scrumptious! Loving that pink case too! I get nesting instincts when the weather turns rainy too! But as yet have not been that creative doing it! susie xxx

  2. It's summer here now, but soon enough I'll be enjoying sewing time instead of gardening time. Something to look forward to! Thanks for the sweet reminder, Jacqui.


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