Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crochet was cool, even in 1972!

Weren't we groovy chics way back then? I am the one in the pink dress. Very unfeminine haircuts were imposed upon us by the bowl cut brigade and we all had to look the same as our brothers! No Mum I do not believe it was fashionable even in 1972!
However, I had a very fashionable Auntie Doreen in 1972. We still talk about those white boots.
I remember them vividly, and some equally fantastic hot pants. Meanwhile I had the obligatory tartan kilt and twin set. And this fantastic crocheted number made by my Auntie Doreen. My sister had one the same, as you can see. They did that sort of thing in 1972.
It's Christmas Day in Eltham. The wind was obviously blowing - as usual. The spring equinox is an absolute myth in Taranaki. It's actually the spring/summer/beginning of autumn equinox here. I remember hail one Christmas too, but that was in 1975...
I am grateful for technology, such as the ability to scan images from 1972. When it works it's marvellous. Often it will not! Such as today when I had such lovely new photos of the crochet going on in my neck of the woods. Several gremlins of a technological nature then beset me. The Magpie Cat sat on my computer chair and I could not gain access, and as if that weren't enough, the camera decided that my memory card had not been initialised. Load of codswallop, but I cannot convince it otherwise, so you now have a slightly modified blog post about crochet, with photos I had already.

Some of Grandma's crocheted stuff that I have out every day because I love it and marvel at the skill. Something I shall never attain, because life is too short to go beyond granny squares when one's mother has such faultless crochet genes and can do all the tricky stuff for you! To make up for those dreadful haircuts we had in 1972!

Grandma and me, and Jo in 1970 in Grandma's garden at Euroa in Victoria.

Yay for granny squares. Are you impressed by the skill of these particular Granny squares?
Do I have the crochet gene do you think, or did I have a minor mutation in one of the protein chains that means I cannot progress further? That's different to having a mutation in casting on chains. I often get those. Most unfortunate!

I go round to my Mum's house and pinch crocheted flowers and pretend that I made them, and embellish things with them, taking full credit.

Some of the tricky stuff that I can't do.

This is one of her little experiments with skirts for Crinoline Ladies. For it is considered most unseemly for Crinoline Ladies not have skirts!

My life has become a garden of stolen crocheted flowers at the moment. Because there aren't any in my real garden, except for a lonely fresia and a few magnolia buds.
I found the most amazing book of knitted and crocheted flowers at Poppies on Friday, and I have been dying to show it to you, but it'll have to wait till I can sort out the gremlins. Manged to sort out the Magpie cat and she's now snoring under the chair instead of on top.
Spring is on it's way to the Southern hemisphere Blog Chics, and not a moment too soon!
Have a lovely week.


  1. What a fantastic photo to have. I'm not sure that 70's style will ever be redeemed anymore than Eltham weather but at least you had pretty dresses..actually love the crocheted edging & all the dandelions in the lawn : ) There's quite a lot involved in writing a blog post really, don't you think, notwithstanding all the myriad technical challenges that one might face, there's any number of other obstructions that just might present themselves so thank you sooo much for the time that you put in to blogging..just love visiting Magpie Chic X

  2. I have the crochet gene but not the knitting gene. So, like you, I leave that to my mom--she knitted me an entire Barbie wardrobe one Christmas!

    Love your garden of crocheted flowers--gotta get the flower fix however you can:)


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