Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crinoline Ladies.

I've always been fascinated by Crinoline Ladies in all their permutations. My Grandma Ida crocheted beautiful tea throws with Crinoline Ladies at the corners. Those are my first Crinoline memories. I had one of Ida's tea throws for years, until it finally wore out.
This beautiful tablecloth came from the Antique Shop in Eltham.

This vase was a junk shop find. So long ago I can't even remember where. I think it was local.
My daphne has flowered and I have lots of it in the house at the moment. Smelling so lovely. Kind of lemony. Am managing to find a few scraggly blooms to go with it to fill a jug.

Little half doll Crinoline Lady at my Mum's house. Hand crocheted dress of course.

I found this little treasure at the Ashburton Antiques and Crafts centre. Her neck had been broken, so she was mine for six dollars. I never mention it, and neither does she, so it never bothers either of us.

My Crinoline Lady pinni. Made by my Mum as a reference to one her mother made for her in the 1940s. Thankfully she has not presented me with a pair of flour bag knickers to go with it!


  1. This blog so reminded me of the 2 china Crinoline ladies that I have inherited from my mum. Packed away in the mountain of boxes in the garage somewhere. I ought to find them really.

  2. I love the crinoline ladies too, and I have an old tablecloth that an elderly lady had had for years, that was given to me by my aunt. It is unfinished, and I must try to finish it one day. It is full of crinoline ladies walking through their gardens! I love the pinny, what a shame that you haven't got the knickers too! :) I think it is very kind of you to protect your crinoline lady's feelings over her neck and cheap price! Happy week to you. Susie xxx

  3. They are lovely--I've loved my mom's since I was a kid too.

  4. Well I heard that the flour bag knickers were actually quite styly & very comfy so what's all the fuss? ; ) Was "Mary- quite-contrary" one of the crinoline girls do you think?..they have always fascinated me.. don't they just turn up up all over the place once you start noticing them..lovely : )


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