Thursday, July 1, 2010

A little patch of vintage awesomeness in Christchurch, and one right here.

Look what I found in Christchurch the other day.

It's a little patch of vintage awesomeness called Truly Scrumptious.
I saw it reviewed in this months New Zealand House and Garden mag and found it very easily right in town by the clock tower at 93 Victoria St Christchurch.

Unfortunately I couldn't take photos inside
because the owner said the pictures are all on the website, which is fair enough.
But when I looked at the website I was really disappointed.
You don't get any sense of what a gorgeous wonderland
of girly vintage paraphernalia lies in wait for you.
And the little cup cakes and Devonshire Teas were just devine. We had to try a piece of almost everything between the three of us.

Debbie and Leigh insisted that I buy this lace confection. I was a little worried about the old mutton dressed as lamb thing, as my mutton o meter (she who is proficient at separating
eggs) was not present at the time. But they assured me that I was safe because I AM this dress apparently. I hope the rest of the world agrees. I am always pledging to grow old with the confidence of Peta Mathias and dress how I feel, so I took their advice and bought the dress.

I borrowed the Dotti Angel technique here for the close up of the gorgeous lace.
I feel like I AM this dress when I wear it, so I suppose they must have been right.

This is the little patch of vintage awesomeness at home for this week.
My Mum has been beavering away at this gorgeous crocheted
pinni for me for a few weeks now.
It is way too complicated for me to make myself.
I couldn't even understand the instructions,
as am still at the Granny Squares stage of crochet.
You can't see the detail from the photo unfortunately.
I might have to put another one in my next post.
I just love it. It's totally vintage and no - one else will have one
(except Janine in the Black Sheep knitting shop in Hawera,
because it was hers I first fell in love with and got the pattern from.)
It's an Italian pattern.
Have a great week blog chics. Hubby bought me some new gigabytes,
so I won't be breaking the bank exceeding the limit all the time with the blogging. Isn't he lovely?
He also installed the new thingy watsit wireless doofa in the computer
so that I could blog away this morning in my pyjamas
while he is off dynoing a mini or something really exciting.


  1. Love the flowers at the top, so pretty. Your new pinni is looking amazing, well what we can see of it. And your new dress reminds me a bit of the flapper dresses which I always admire.

    I love the look of that shop. Shame she wouldn't let you photograph it. What's with that anyway? Doesn't like free advertising? Really!

  2. Oh I forgot to say thank you sooo much for introducing me to Ravenhill. What an amazing blog! I will have to read all of her posts over the coming weeks. Just so me and beautiful.

  3. I love the dress, it is fantastic! Gosh I haven't even got to the granny square stage of crochet yet! Ha ha! Have a lovely week! Suzie xxx


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