Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Painting the Roses Red.

We're painting the roses red.

Painting the roses red.

Not blue, not green, not aqua marine.

Not cookies and cream.

It's actually lemon sorbet.

After a very vigourous afternoon pruning roses, trees and hydrangeas, "she who is proficient at separating eggs" enjoyed a spot of lemon sorbet at the new local gelato shop.

The Magpie Cat was thinking that spring must have come a bit early this year, going by the size of the snails round here.

Sweet violets beside the gate post.

I just said, "if you help me prune the roses and the hydrangeas I'll be finished quickly and we shall promenade to the gelato shop."

After hearing a run down of the main points of pruning to an outside bud etc, she chose to prune the hydrangeas and the virgillia tree! Wise decision.

The other Magpie Cat sat sage like and gave good advise. That's sage like as in the Dali Lama, not in the sense of a garden herb. You can see how context could be a problem here.

A small collection of pansies in my favourite colour, and a crocheted brooch made with help of Catherine at An Angel In The Garden.

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  1. Ahhh, painting the roses red! I like the sound of that gelato shop! Yummy. Love that brooch! Susie xxx


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